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You can use the forms below to Search our extensive list of Funeral Services / Companies in the UK.

Funeral Company Name Search

If you know the name (or Company Name) of the Funeral Service use the form below to search for the company. If you are unsure of the name / spelling, the search below will bring up matches 'like' what you enter.

For Example, if you wanted to find the Funeral Service "Colour My Funeral" - You can enter "Colour M" into the search.

Post Code / Town Search

If you want to find a list of Funeral Services / Companies that are located within your Post Code you can use the search below. The search works by finding results 'like' your Post Code and within the Town you have selected.

For Example, if you live in Durham and you would like to find Funeral Services Close to your area, simply enter " DH1 " in to the search and Durham into the Town and click search. This will list any Funeral comapnies within Durham that are in the DH1 area.

You must fill in both boxes for the search to work.. and remember, if there is no results in the DH1 area then try DH2 for example.

Post Code - You can enter a partial Post Code e.g NE or DH

Start to type a Town/City:

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i.e Colour My Funeral

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Colin J Close
James Henry
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Mason & Gerald Martin
Highfield Funeral Service
Brian Wilton
Rosedale Funeral Service
Desmond L Bannon
W Wraight & Son
W J Farrier & Son Ltd
N Wheatley & Sons Ltd
Paterson Hughes
Highest Rated Service
James Henry
Brian Wilton
N Wheatley & Sons Ltd
Rosedale Funeral Service
Pendle Funeral Services
W Wraight & Son
C Bastock Ltd
Rutherglen Funeral Home
W Uden & Sons Ltd
Asian Funeral Service
H J Williams
Timeless Funeral Services
A Shepherd & Sons
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